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Tainui village is the visionary Christian charitable trust that meets the spiritual, personal and variable accommodation needs of the older persons in Taranaki by providing exceptional care and support to them and their families.

Te Koromakinga O Te Pa Kainga O Tainui

Ko te Pā Kāinga o Tainui te

Tarahiti Kaupapa Atawhai Karatiana

ka whakaea i ngā hiahia wairua, whaiaro,

kāinga noho rerekē o ngā pēperekōu i

Taranaki mā te tino atawhai, tautoko

hoki i a rātou me ō rātou whānau.

To achieve its mission Tainui Home has adopted the following principles:

  1. The RESPECT of and DIGNITY of our residents is paramount. Every resident can expect FAIR TREATMENT.

  2. INDIVIDUALISED CARE is nurtured through a partnership between the resident, his/her family, whanau, carers and staff. 

  3. We understand the importance of INFORMATION, COMMUNICATION and CHOICES. We listen to residents and their family/whanau and encourage questions. Complaints/suggestions are positive quality improvement tools. 

  4. SAFE practices are adopted to eliminate, isolate or minimise hazards to ensure the health, welfare and safety of residents, staff and visitors. 

  5. QUALITY practices are adopted which meet Health and Disabilities Sector Standards, relevant Codes of Practice and legislation. 

  6. SAFE ENVIRONMENT for staff is nurtured, by recognising them as our number one resource, by promoting a team approach, delegating duties appropriately and encouraging self-improvement through comprehensive training programmes. 

  7. Board and Management will maximise RESOURCES and continue to implement CURRENT BEST PRACTICE. 

  8. All service delivery will encompass the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi, ie partnership, participation, protection. 

We are guided by our Constitutional Charter – should you wish to read a copy please email or phone us. 

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